The Dyes

I wanted to provide some further information about the dyes I use in my work.

Quebracho Rojo=Pink
Quebracho Rojo dye comes from the hardwood of the Quebracho tree (Luciano malo), grown in the Gran Chaco region of South America. 

Logwood dye comes from the heartwood of the tree Haematoxylon campecianum, found in the forest of Central America. The dye came into commercial production in the 1600's. Apparently, Logwood was so valuable, that it was a target for pirates. 

When Logwood is overdyed in a bath of Iron (ferrous sulphate), it turns grey. The deeper the fabric was dyed in Logwood, the deeper shade of grey.

Much has been written aboout indigo, our beloved BLUE. Indigo is made from the leaves of the Indigofera tinctoria plant. It is one of the worlds oldest dyes. It was popularized in Japan during the Edo period when dyeing on silk was forbidden. Benjamin Franklin brough over barrels of indigo from France on his legendary trip.

Osage Orange=Yellow 

Osage Orange+Indigo=Green 


more info coming soon ......